For photos, she likes #38 best for her bio page. She also likes 21 if we're going for a more serious aesthetic. She is fine with going with your creative direction.

The more she's thought about it, the more she realizes she doesn't want to do a rotating gallery on her homepage. She liked that idea before she saw the tinsel&twine site. She liked how they had one powerful "statement" pic on each page. She feels that one or two of the pics can be of her. But for the rest of the pages, it would be great to have symbolic images that represent each page. For example, since the blog is about faith and justice, it'd be nice to have a pic that symbolizes that, etc. Would you be able to pick a few stock images for us to consider?
She really does like the aesthetic of tinsel&twine. Another possibility is that the home page could prominently feature her logo so that it becomes more a branding page.

We are still working on the bio. I have a call scheduled with her this week to brainstorm on that a bit and I will get whatever we come up with to you ASAP.

As for the individual pages, she wants the following:
- home
- about
- books & research
- blog (if possible, she would like archives included on this page)
- media
- contact (FB, Twitter, and probably instagram in the near future)

On the appearances page, we'd like to have a "current calendar" and then also have a sort of "best of" list to give potential clients an idea of her range. On my phonecall with Christena this week, I'll discuss that, as well, and get you a list for those.

We were also thinking of incorporating the "Christena's essentials" on her "about" page. I'd like for that photo to be more professional than an iPhone photo. So once Christena and I come up with the elements for that photo, maybe you and I can touch base about how to make that aspect happen.

Okay, I think I've just about covered everything. But if I've missed something will you let me know?

You can always call or text me, too, if you have an immediate question -- text is a bit better, but either works. 612-702-9843

1. What do you like most about your current site? It's simplicity -- both in terms of aesthetics and ease of use
2. What are your top 3 frustrations with it? I don't really have any. 
3. What features do you wish you had on your site? The current features plus: some sort of branding/logo, a "search" box so people can easily find articles on topics of interest, an opportunity for people to donate to me/causes, an e-mail address with the domain name (e.g.,
4. Are there any websites that you just love? What about them do you like most? Yes, I like how it is "newsy" and not just a blog. I don't want my blog to be front and center anymore; I'd like to post news items about what I've been up to and also have a more dynamic home page (with rotating pics, features, etc.). Rahiel's site is a little too "busy" for my taste, but I like the idea. Just a bit more toned down. (here's another example of a similar site: I love the simplicity of Something like this would give me space to showcase my most recent blogs/events but it's not too overwhelming and it would clearly directs people to things like my bio, schedule, etc.
5. Is there anything that you commonly see on websites that you really hate? Or really like? I don't like clutter :)
6. Where is your current site hosted? The domain name is registered with Dreamhost; the site is hosted at Bluehost; the site is a Wordpress site; 
7. Do you have full access? yes

8. Who or how will you be managing site upkeep? me

9. Do you want to stay with your current host provider? If not, do you have a preferred provider? Sure.

10. Do you have a logo you want to use? No, I'd like help with creating one

11. What are your company colors? I like earthy colors combos like blue/green/brown 

12. If you have photos you'd like to incorporate into your site, do you have full rights and access to high res images? Yes

13. Do you have the content for your site already developed? If not, is that something you'd want the developer to do? I have lots of content that can be transferred over to the new site. I'd like the developer to transfer the content.

14. What do you want site visitors to be able to do? stay up to date with my happenings, access audio/video/written content, contact me and leave comments, connect to social media

15. Do you want audio on your site? Video? both

16. Do you want your site to be mobile-friendly? yes

17. What information must be on the home page? Like, a clear statement on who I am and what I do, and recent blog posts prominently featured. I'd also like a photo(s) of me.

18. What information must always be visible? social media/contact info, donation opportunity (on each page and at the end of each blog post)

19. Estimated budget? $1000-2000 

20. Time frame for completion? by April 1, but sooner is better

1. What is/are your favorite(s)? I'm not sure what this question is asking...

2. What is your favorite font(s)? Breathe, Moabhoers, Firefly, Banthers and Exodus (

3. Which websites do you enjoy and why? Which websites do you find unattractive and why? I like the website you showed us :)

4. What is your favorite radio station, newspaper and/or magazine, catch phrase, blog and/or hobby? You can choose as many of these as you like. I like Real Simple magazine. I also love Domino and HGTV magazines. I'm really into interior design and personal style. I like sparkly/glittery ballet flats and mindfulness meditation.

5. If you had to choose a favorite brand, which would be your choice(s)? Anthropologie (because it's whimsical) and Tom Ford (because it's classic) 

6. What social media accounts do you own? (list username and passwords. This info will be needed in order to connect your website to these accounts) Facebook (username:, password: desiree#1), Twitter (username: @cscleve, password: chandler1956)

7. Where is your domain name hosted? Please provide the username and

password? Bluehost (username:, password: Duck0023!)

8. List any names of photographers and artist for work to be used on the website

Carolyn Scott Photography; we can also work to use the artwork from my book cover.