Reconciliation Replay (May 30, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

CULTIVATE compassion: "The Compassionate Mind" by Emma Seppala

"You may have seen one of the news reports about chain reactions that occur when someone pays for the coffee of the drivers behind them at a drive-through restaurant or at a highway tollbooth. People keep the generous behavior going for hours. Our acts of compassion uplift others and make them happy. We may not know it, but by uplifting others we are also helping ourselves...Read more"

CONSIDER should seminaries be doing more to empower Latino Christians for Ministry?Christian Post interview with Dr. Juan Martinez

"Most Latino Protestants are Pentecostals, which means that most of the students in the Hispanic Center are already in ministry and do not need a degree from Fuller to pastor. They study at Fuller as part of their continuing education, not to be ordained. Many of these students are on the fringe of U.S. Protestantism and do not regularly have to interact with the power structures of majority-culture churches...Read more"

MAKE violence against women a men’s issue too: "Violence against Women is a Men’s Issue" by Thabiti Anyabwile

“Calling gender violence against women a ‘women’s issue’ is part of the problem...Read more

CONSIDER writing a guest post on downward mobility: “Downward Mobility” By D.L. Mayfield

"I would dearly love it if you would think about submitting. Either a practice you commit to, questions you have, or a theological musing–just share your thoughts on the movement towards a lower status. Whatever that means for you. I want to hear from artists, musicians, teachers, stay-at-home moms (and dads!), preachers, writers, thinkers, feelers–all of you wonderful people. No one is left out in this paradigm–we all have room to move downwards, don’t we?...Read more"

READ the Bible with a diverse community: “Reading the Bible with a Diverse Community” by Steve Tamayo

"When we shared what jumped out to us in Ephesians 2, my African American and White friends mentioned reconciliation. My Asian American friends noticed peace with God our Father. But all I saw was this: “He made one new man out of the two.” Paul uses a biracial person as a metaphor for the community Jesus is building. And I noticed it. No one else noticed it. That’s when I saw one of my cultural lenses for the first time...Read more"

OBSERVE how a common goal is uniting pro-choicers and pro-lifers: “Surrogacy Exposed” by Kathleen Parker

"Feminists, traditionalists, Catholics, evangelicals, ethicists and atheists alike have united to combat what many convincingly view as the exploitation and commodification of women and the violation of human rights even as perfect babies and happy families are formed...Read more"

DIFFERENTIATE between project and presence: “Project versus Presense: Leading our Churches in Engaging the Neighborhood” by David Fitch

"Often a church seeks to engage the community by “looking for the Next Project.” We seek a “need” in the community where we can help, bring resources and the love of Christ. What can happen though with this mentality is we A.) come to the project out of a posture of “pretending not to need.” We come with resources from a distance, not listening to the lives of people very well. We come out of a posture of power, control…Read more"

ENJOY this duet of my great-aunt (and middle namesake) Sara Jordan Powell and Ray Charles.

Aunt Sara, a legend in her own right, suffered a stroke last week. Prayers are appreciated!