Reconciliation Replay (June 6, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

LEARN how to work through interracial conflict: “A Restorative Approach to Interpersonal Racial Conflict” by Mikhail Lyubansky and Dominic Barter

"Restorative practices may offer an alternative. They support individuals and communities during conflicts, including racial conflicts, by creating conditions for mutual understanding and collaborative action, rather than seeking to exclude or punish any of the parties to the conflict...Read more"

ADOPT a subversive leadership style: “Submission in Leadership” by Yo Soy Kristy

"As a woman and an ethnic minority that’s served in ministry for the last decade in a majority culture context, what I’ve noticed most is that ethnic minorities usually feel the need to prove themselves in leadership roles that are typically filled by majority culture people. Rather than lead out of vulnerability, there is a need to make sure others know they deserve to be in the positions they’re in and to make sure to not show any of their weaknesses to others...Read more"

WAX poetic, reconciliation-style: “Those without a Horse” by Suzannah Paul

"Prophetic voices rise

above the fray from muted margins,

but shalom whispers the heart of conflict, too...Read more"

LEARN from sociology (regardless of your ethnicity): “White Privilege is not in the Bible…Or, Why White Christians Need to Pay Attention to Sociology” by Lauren Rea Preston

"Sociologists are able to see the world in ways that are supremely helpful to understanding our experience.  Along with anthropologists, they are the ones who describe how “race” is not a biological or cultural reality, but is social constructed.  Going all the way back to W.E.B. Dubois, they are the people who talk about a system of “White privilege,” which is the other side of institutionalized racism...Read more"

PRAY for modern-day abolitionists: “Humble Servants Stand for the Vulnerable and Pray” by Natasha S. Robinson

"Today, I am simply asking for your prayers. Next week (June 10-11), I will be joining advocates from 39 states to participate in the International Justice Mission Advocacy Summit. Specifically, we will be raising our voices to end modern-day slavery and lobbying congress members on Tuesday...Read more"

SELF-DIFFERENTIATE: “A conversation on Identity, Community and Mission” by Marty Troyer

"Like two sides of the same coin, self-differentiation places equal weight on our connectivity and individuality. You can’t have either in isolation from the other two. Being a healthy individual is impossible without connection to community. And being a healthy whole is impossible without clearly differentiated and working parts...Read more"