Female Fight Club: Why We Must Put Down Our Gloves

Today, I'm guest posting over at Rev. Angie Mabry-Nauta's Woman, In Progress... blog!  I'm talking about dismantling cultural divisions between women.  Here's a peek.

Female Fight Club: Why We Must Put Down Our Gloves


Last year, I preached on the topic of singleness at my church and during a post-sermon public Q&A session, I was asked a rather strange and baiting question that solicited my opinion on egalitarian and complementarian marital relationships. Clearly, the questioner wanted me to extol one approach and bash the other.

However, rather than choosing sides, I briefly articulated the merits of each approach and suggested that each can potentially bring glory to God. Not surprisingly, as soon as the service concluded, I was verbally accosted by people from both camps who believed that their perspective should have been championed and that the other perspective is ungodly, disrespectful and just plain WRONG. I quickly realized that none of these people were interested in engaging in healthy and loving discourse on this topic.

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