Reconciliation Replay (June 13, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

BE ENCOURAGED by this brief video on Pastor Peter Chin and multiracial Peace Fellowship Church in D.C.: “An Unorthodox Choice for a Pastor” by CBS News

JUST READ THIS: “black.woman.proud (Part 3 in a series on Identity, Community and Mission)” by Calenthia Dowdy

"Whenever a woman or person of color states their own reality of being who they are to a white and/or male group it is often heard as being divisive. 'Why can’t you just get along and be like the rest of us?' Well, because I can’t....Read more"

CONSIDER how you perceive culturally-different Christians: “How the Gospel Made Me an Intolerant Jerk” by Marc Schelske

“During college I came to profoundly understand God’s grace for me. God lifted the smothering blanket of fundamentalism and let grace flow in like fresh air.

But in almost the next breath, I started feeling sorry for those folks who didn’t know what I knew.  By feeling sorry, I mean judging them.  Maybe they weren’t as informed as I was.  Or maybe they were repressing the gospel so they could control people!

Grace was life to me.  Interesting how it also became a way for me to elevate myself.  I was so smart and insightful! So wise! Not like ‘those people.’...Read more

CELEBRATE Loving Day (June 12, 2013): “Loving Day in Real Life” by Alyssa Bacon-Lui

“For those who don't know, Loving Day celebrates the Supreme Court decision (Loving v. Virginia, 1967) that made it illegal for states to prevent interracial couples from getting married. I have three wonderful bloggers here to celebrate Loving Day with me! Each of these women are in interracial marriages and blog about interracial and cross-cultural family life. I'm truly grateful for each woman's insights and I'm honored to be celebrating their love on my blog...Read more

GET ACQUAINTED with a leading voice on diversity in the church: Interview with Trillia Newbell, author of United: Captured by God's Vision for Diversity (Moody, March 2014).

“God says that we are all created in his image. James rebukes partiality. Jesus commanded us to go make disciples of all nations, and Revelation gives us a glimpse of the last day where all tongues and tribes will worship together. Though these are only a few references, it is clear that God values diversity. Do we?...Read more

CHECK OUT by this NYT article on a multiracial church in Austin, TX:  “Breaking the Evangelical Mold at a Church with Ethnic Roots” by Mark Oppenheimer

"Racially diverse churches are often led by white pastors who recruit in minority communities, usually by hiring nonwhite assistant pastors. It is less common to see an ethnic church attract whites. It may be that white people avoid churches where at first they will be outnumbered. Or perhaps the ethnic churches’ worship styles feel alien (especially if prayers and sermons are in a foreign language). Whatever the reason, white churches sometimes succeed in drawing minority worshipers, but minority churches rarely attract white people....Read more"

LISTEN and LEARN how to have conversations about raceOn Pop Theology podcast with Bruce Reyes-Chow, author of the new ebook But I Don’t See You as Asian: Curating Conversations about Race