Reconciliation Replay (July 25, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

REJECT colorblindness and EMBRACE color consciousness: “Ctrl + Alt + Del” by Austin Brown

“It seems many still believe colorblindness is the key to solving racism. Believing in the notion of colorblindness sounds like this, "I don't even see color," or this, "But we are all the same," or this, "I've never looked at you as a (fill in the blank)". These statements are usually followed by a sugary example of our sameness and ends with a quote by Martin Luther King Jr about character not color being what really counts…Read more

EXAMINE white theology: “White Theology - Part 1” and "White Theology - Part 2" by Paul Louis Metzger

“Race has everything to do with theology in American history and if we don’t address it theologically today as Evangelical theologians we reinforce dominant sociological patterns that shape the Evangelical movement…Read more

STAY ALERT to the privilege around you: “When You're Privileged” by Zena

“The sandals in my hand have become as heavy as the anchors holding down all the pricey boats docked in this privileged, white town… Read more

UNDERSTAND the relationship between race and the death penalty:  “The Death Penalty, Race, and the Victim” by Lisa Wade, Ph.d.

“It turns out a disproportionate number of people who are executed under the death penalty have been convicted of murdering a white person…Read more

REFLECT on what you’ve learned by listening well: “The George Zimmerman Verdict and the National Anthem” by Brad Hambrick

It is only through conversations with others that I…

  • … began to feel the weight of what it would be like to talk with my son about the dangers that can come with how others may perceive you because of your race and the dangers that can come if you respond to their suspicion with frustration or aggression.
  • … could feel the uncertainty that emerges from events like the Zimmerman trial when people of your ethnic background’s personal freedoms have changed radically in a single generation and court decisions were a major factor in those changes (sometimes for the better; other times for the worse)...Read more"

OVERCOME generational divisions in the church: “A Church for Everyone” by Abby Fahmi

Every generation has its own battles to fight, and every person needs his or her own “God Stories.” That’s going to look and sound a little different, person to person, generation to generation, church to church, but the Gospel itself will remain the same...Read more"

BE PREPARED: “Before Leading Your Congregation in a Discussion of Race and Racism, You May Want to Check a Few Things” by Thabiti Anyabwile

Personally, I don’t think most Christian leaders are equipped to lead these discussions. That’s not to say they shouldn’t attempt to do so. That, of course, must be left up to local elders and pastors. But before you lead your entire church into conversations about “race” and “racism,” it might be helpful to run through a diagnostic self-check. Here are a few that come to mind for me...Read more"