Privilege is still talking

alvin schexnider_picI've been so encouraged to hear from readers who read my Privilege Says... post and were inspired to think about what privilege says in their own community.  Here's what Alvin Miyashita Schexnider thinks privilege says...


Privilege says when I travel abroad for mission work my skin tone often gets a higher value attributed to it than skin tones of other mission workers of other ethnicities.

Privilege says that I don’t have to develop a multi-consciousness or wear multiple cultural masks (mainstream mask, home culture mask) in order to psychologically cope with and/or co-exist in dominant culture.

Privilege says that it isn’t strange for a couple of my ethnicity at church to adopt children of a different ethnicity, but it would be strange if a couple of another ethnicity tried to adopt a child of my ethnicity.

Privilege says that I can do worship, ministry, justice, or evangelism among people from another ethnicity/culture and get more recognition in dominant culture Christian circles than someone from that population who is already doing the same exact thing.

Privilege says that if the ethnic group I’m serving is not welcoming to me or my efforts, I can easily disengage from working with them because I don’t have familial, economic, or geographic/residential ties with them.

Privilege says that people who share my ethnic/cultural background occupy the most influential and powerful roles in my church and/or denomination.

Privilege says that people generally recognize my church as multiethnic even though people of my own ethnicity/culture make up the largest demographic group in the congregation.

Privilege says I know theologians/academics/experts of my own ethnicity, but I'm not conversant in any outside of my ethnicity.

Privilege says I can see people who look like me in the majority of leadership roles at seminaries and Christian publishing houses.

Privilege says I can more easily find books on discipleship/leadership at mainstream Christian bookstores and websites that are authored my people of my own ethnicity/culture than I can books authored by others.

Privilege says I don’t know of any international missions or domestic urban ministry organizations with leadership that is not predominantly my own ethnicity.


Let's keep naming privilege and calling it out! Feel free to comment and share what privilege says to you and those around you.