Reconciliation Replay (July 11, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

GET SERIOUS about diversity: “Why Multiculturalism is a Must for the Church” by Ashlee Holmes

"Multiculturalism means inviting someone to be fully oneself, unapologetically, and actively celebrating the difference. Multicolored leaves gaps and disconnection. Multicultural builds bridges and elicits celebration...Read more"

GO DEEPER into multicultural worship: “Just Play More Gospel” by Austin Channing

1. Do you understand the nuances of cultural worship styles?

2. Do people feel free to worship without judgment?

Answer, "yes" to both of those questions, and you will have created a clear path for your church to enter into multicultural worship!...Read more"

DO something with your privilege: “What do I do with all this privilege?!” By Lauren Rea Preston

“I believe that you can use your privilege on behalf of others.  Some sociologists talk about privilege as "social capital."  Capital is, of course, the currency by which you acquire things in a capitalist system.  So I feel that if you have it, you should spend it on behalf of those that don't...Read more

STAND in Solidarity: “On Solidarity” by Suzannah Paul

"I have a number of thoughts on the matter, but I believe that I can distill them to three: Proximity, Listening, and Humility. I want to position myself near those who are oppressed and hurting like Jesus did, I want to honor their stories, and I want to take cues from them...Read more"

KEEP STANDING in solidarity: “Solidarity over Charity: Social Justice Christianity 101” by Rod the Rogue Demon Hunter

“If we can make a claim about what Scripture says about God, it is this: that there is no passage that indicates that God is apathetic to social arrangements of humanity. There are a litany of verses that proclaim God’s love for the poor, the widows, and the foreigners…Read more

KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON. STAND in solidarity in worship: “Worship is Aligning with Those in Need” by John Hawthorne

What I’m calling for is for worship expressions built around care for the orphan, widow, and stranger. What if our singing was about how God is redeeming all of creation and that we are mysteriously partners in that endeavor? Has anyone ever written a praise chorus around Matthew 25?...Read more"

PASS the peace: “The Peace of Christ be with you” by Jes Kast-Keat

“The passing of the peace of Christ. This liturgical movement is often overlooked because it can be awkward and it forces one to communicate with their neighbor whom they might not know.  This is probably all the more reason why I love it...Read more

INTRODUCE yourself to James Cone: “The Cross and the Lynching Tree (Part 1)” by Katelin Hansen

In his book ‘The Cross and the Lynching Tree,' theologian James Cone notes that “though both are symbols of death, one represents message of hope and salvation, while the other signifies the negation of that message…What is at stake is the credibility and promise of the Christian gospel...Read more