Reconciliation Replay (8/22/13) -- and Fall Speaking Schedule!

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

(and coming to a city near you!?)

GO BEYOND integrated Sunday mornings: “A More Excellent Way” by Dennis Edwards

“We need to rediscover the power of relationships—even over events. This is to say that real life goes beyond events like Sunday worship services. Have you ever had the experience of being in worship with people who just finished singing about love, joy, peace, and other fruit of the Holy Spirit, who just heard a stirring sermon, participated in communal prayer, but then refused to interact with you or even look you in the face?...Read more

WELCOME people to your church: “20 Ways to Make Someone Feel Welcome in Church” by Marty Troyer

“I arrived slightly late to the sanctuary as a visitor one day, having struggled to get my infant son’s rainy coat off him in the foyer. Opening the sanctuary door I was literally grabbed by the shoulder, spun around, and told to stay put until the opening prayer was over. As a seminary student at the time, my tolerance as an unknown visitor to this church was likely higher than most church shoppers. But needless to say, I never went back…Read more

PLACE yourself in the minority: "Wisdom from Japanese/Korean Peace Pioneer Rev. Sekita Hiroo" by Chris Rice

"In order to love both God and your neighbors, you need to bring your body. By bringing your body, you will able to accumulate the facts [of love] little by little. Jesus brought his body to the cross, which is the fact of God’s love...Read more

FIGHT alongside black men: “The Fight for Black Men” by Joshua DuBois

“When one single group of people is conspicuously left behind, it never bodes well for society as a whole. In many ways, black men in America are a walking gut check; we learn from them a lot about ourselves, how far we’ve really come as a country, and how much further we have to go…Read more

PONDER this: "Can Christians be unified if we don't want the same thing?" By Ed Cyzewski

“I would have told you I had faith in Jesus, but I didn’t. I had faith in my doctrines about Jesus. If you didn’t agree, then I would either school you in them so that you could be either saved just like me or banished outside the bounds of my version of Christian orthodoxy...Read more

COME SAY HELLO when I’m in your neck of the woods.  My fall 2013 speaking schedule (All events are open to the public):

August 25, 10:30 am - Calvary Christian Assembly, Seattle, WA

August 28, 10 am & 7 pm - A Dialogue on Unity and Reconciliation, Seattle, WA

August 30 - September 2 - Malibu Leadership Weekend, Egmont BC, CANADA

September 15, 10:30 am - Inverness Vineyard Church, Birmingham, AL

September 22, 9:20 am - First Covenant Church, St. Paul, MN

September 24, 5:30 pm - First Lutheran Church, Columbia Heights, MN

October 6, 10 am - Sanctuary Covenant Church, Minneapolis, MN

October 20, 11 am - River City Community Church, Chicago, IL

November 3, 8:30/10/11:30 am (English) & 1:30 pm (Español) - Media City Church, Burbank, CA

November 5-6 - Mosaix Multiethnic Church Conference, Long Beach, CA

November 17, 10 am - Trinity Christian Fellowship, Stanley, WI