Reconciliation Replay (August 15, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

EXAMINE the intersection of private Christian schools, racism and privilege: “How the church resegregated schools in the South” by Tyler Glodjo

“Segregation academies were private schools that opened across the South as a result of white parents keeping their kids out of desegregated school systems. Many of these academies were parochial in nature, and it was common for them to operate on church property and receive tax-exempt status…Read more

CLOSE the race wage gap at church: “How Multiethnic Churches Can Help Close the Race Wage Gap” by Napp Nazworth

“The reason blacks made much less than whites in major metropolitan areas than in small cities. The answer, the researchers found, has to do with social networking...Read more

DIFFERENTIATE between multiethnic ministry and multiethnic hospitality: “Beyond Hospitality” by Austin Brown

“Hospitality is a beautiful expression of love and concern for others, but we are kidding ourselves if we don't also acknowledge the power dynamics involved in hospitality. I make the decisions. I set the parameters. I determine the extent of graciousness…Read more

WATCH Fruitvale Station: “Coffee Talk: Watch Fruitvale Station” by Natasha Robinson

“We need to allow this movie to open our eyes to see beyond our caves and inner circles. We need to see that this movie is only a picture of similar injustices like it which are happening all across this country…Read more

LEARN from a reconciler who knows much about forgiveness: “From South Africa to Indianapolis: Allan Boesak Teaches Forgiveness through the Trials of Apartheid” by Robert King

“Much like [Martin Luther] King did 20 years before him, Boesak stood at the front of the protest marches, preached in churches, and was himself targeted for assassination. While some wanted a race war, he made the case for nonviolence…Read more

UNPACK the invisible knapsack of blackness:  “Black Disadvantage: Unpacking the Obvious Baggage of Blackness” by Starlette McNeil

“I have not come across a list detailing the particular difficulties, the weight, the obvious baggage of assuming the socially constructed identity of black, comparable to what Peggy McIntosh does for white privilege in her essay, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”.  This is one such attempt…Read more