Reconciliation Replay (August 8, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

BALANCE action and contemplation: “The Fierce Urgency of Now and the Rhythm of Action and Contemplation” by Natalie Dunn Magnusson

“Our empowerment for justice must be rooted in and flow from lives that are lived with God. We cannot engage these issues on our own. We’re up against deeply rooted structures and systems that have been in effect since long before we ever existed. The labor of justice, the setting of things as they should be, is really God’s work, and we are wise to remember our position in this…Read more

CONNECT gender and race issues: “Trayvon in Bolivia: Being Attacked on the Streets I Call Home” By Julie Kurtz

“Nine out of ten Bolivian women are victim to some form of sexual violence.  Nine out of ten. Which, is likely a conservative statistic, considering how much goes unreported.  Yet despite the statistics, despite my sharing of the painful weight of my experience, instead of standing by my side as a friend, as a fellow brother in Christ, as a fellow human being, most men choose to undermine my experience (see above statements).  They are blind to the experiences of women due to their lifelong experience of dominant privilege…Read more

KNOW the facts about poverty and crime: “Moving Poor People into the Neighborhood Does Not Cause Crime” by Emily Badger

“[Researchers] looked at crime and housing data in 215 cities between 1997 and 2008 – controlling for national and regional crime trends, demographic and income variables, employment rates and more – and found "virtually no relationship" between the prevalence of Housing Choice Voucher Program households and higher crime at the city level or in the suburbs…Read more

EMBRACE the perspective of the oppressed: “400 Years of Blinders, Counterintuitive Solidarity, and the Epistemological Advantage of the Oppressed” by Drew Hart

“This call for counterintuitive solidarity and trusting the historically marginalized and oppressed perception above one’s own is not easy. But I believe that Jesus’ own emptying of himself and taking on slave humanity models for us The Way forward…It is the cure for privileged blinders that leaves people’s own vision impaired and unreliable. The Spirit is pulling all of us to see things “from below” because that is where God has chosen to move, work, and transform the world (1 Cor. 1:18-31)…Read more

LISTEN well – even when you vehemently disagree:  “Listening Dialogue” by Marty Troyer

“What do you do when you find yourself in a conversation filled with tension, or an ongoing relationship blocked by disagreement (or a board meeting going nowhere)? Rather than evaluating their position or stating your own in an effort to win or be proved right, try to learn from the experience through Listening Dialogue…Read more

LEARN from Gospel Music: “What Black Gospel Music Taught Me” By Katelin Hansen

“Gospel music became part of my own heart music--one of the ways I worshiped God that resonated with the core of my soul. I didn't leave behind other music I worshiped with, but gospel music helped me connect to aspects of God that I hadn't previously been accessing…Read more