Reconciliation Replay (September 12, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

JUST READ THIS: "A Theology of Gringo" by Julie Kurtz

"Can we, being part of the top 10% wealthiest in the world, be trusted?  How does our dependence on wealth color our self-assessment and judgment?  Regardless of how earnestly wealthy Christians try to be directed by the Holy Spirit of God, we've all still got our goods—not to mention our social standing, class, gender and ethnic power.  We remain comfortably perched above global exploitation.  Is that just "the path" Jesus has called us lucky ones down? Or have we neglected something in the "I'll follow you wherever you go" tune?...Read more"

GLEAN insight on urban church planting: "African-American and Urban Church Planting: A Re-cap of the Church Planting Leadership Fellowship" by Ed Stetzer

Through it all, Leonce discovered two key points:

  1. To reach the city we must send in missionaries and not pastors. They need to learn the language, learn the culture, learn the rhythms of peoples lives.
  2. We have to send them in as teams. They need to be willing to wait, watch, learn, and work—to see where God is already working. Churches are failing because we are more"

EXAMINE the pervasiveness of racial inequality: "Contemporary Racial Inequities" by Mikhail Lyubansky

"Median wealth of white households ($113,149) is 20 times greater than that of black households ($5,677) and 18 times greater than that of Hispanic households ($6,325)...Read more"

LOOK beneath the surface: "The Politics of a Black Girl's Dreadlocks at an Oklahoma School" by Lynne Varner

"The message sent to the Oklahoma girl, and too many young black girls, is that there is something wrong with natural, kinky-curly hair. It can be viewed as unkempt. Unconsciously or not, we do not treat people we view as unkempt or sloppy with respect...Read more"

REFLECT on the 50th Anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing: "Lessons from the Birmingham Bombing" by Peniel Joseph

"Sept. 15 marks the 50th anniversary of perhaps the most tragic episode of the civil rights movement. On that day Denise McNair, 11, Carole Robertson, 14, Addie Mae Collins, 14, and Cynthia Wesley, 14, were killed in a terrorist-sponsored explosion at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala. Their deaths overtook the hopeful mood inspired by the March on Washington just weeks earlier...Read more"

LEARN from these wise female reconciliation leaders: "'More than Serving Tea': A Conversation with Kathy Khang and Nikki Toyama-Szeto" by Rachel Held Evans

"I think for me, I try to think about the justice issues that are optional for me—and then press myself to 'opt-in.  For me, it’s a luxury to be able to say, 'I’m not going to care about that today.'  For example, I would love to be able to not have my race or gender affect my interactions for one day—to be able to rest from that.  But that’s not optional for me—and I long for white sojourners who will say,  'I’m going to choose to not let that be optional for me either.'...Read more"

THINK about who you welcome: "The Strangers We Welcome" by Starlette McNeill

"In churches that are culturally diverse, it is often assumed (as mentioned in this article) that socially colored white people represent the wealth and subsequent future financial stability of the faith community.  In short, white= rich; black/ brown/ red/ yellow/ beige = poor...Read more"

SPEAK UP about race: "Why I Must Write (and Speak) about Race" by Marque Jensen

" I am a white man, raised in a homogonous rural Midwest community, yet one who has lived all his adult life in a diverse urban communityI must write and speak about race because racism in America is my problem...Read more"