Reconciliation Replay (September 19, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

TAKE HEART if you're the only one of your race in a sea of faces: "For the Onlies" by Austin Brown

"To all the Onlies of all races, all colors, all combinations who are quirky, colorful and constantly changing: may you find that you are not monolithic- that your version of 'us' is nothing short of brilliant. May you know that you are lovable, incredible, fearfully and wonderfully made. May you find special ways, among special people to let your culture breathe...Read more"

CONTEXTUALIZE Christ as the other: "Christ is Always Colored. Contextualizing Christ as the Other" by Jacobus de Keijzer

"When Christ is contextualized as the other, when the center contextualizes Christ as the marginalized, something stirs within us. All of a sudden, the Lord of the universe is not necessarily on our side. He is no longer in the center; our center. All of a sudden this Lord invites us to get to know the margin; his margin. The margin becomes a center of attraction for the center. In loving my marginalized neighbor, I conform to Christ’s image. By moving to the margin, I place myself in the presence of Christ...Read more"

COUNT the cost of reconciliation: "The Realness of Reconciliation - the Price" by Brian Foulks

"Reconciliation is a revolutionary act of God with an established blueprint set by Jesus...His humanity debates with his divinity about the price of reconciling man back to God. This is a real dilemma and phenomena to understand because Jesus understood that not everyone wanted to be redeemed or would treat him fairly...Read more"

CELEBRATE mixed ethnicity and third culture: "Hapa-Palooza 2013" by Jordan Yerman

"Mixed Flicks curator Jeff Chiba Stearns says, '"Hapa" is a half or a part. It’s a Hawaiian term that’s become a way to describe your mixed-ness without breaking yourself down. You're not half-this or quarter-that. It’s a sense of feeling whole.'...Read more"

HEAR from Korean-American theologian Grace Ji-Sun Kim: "A Conversation with Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Part 1" by Cynthia Holder Rich

"Being 'open to indigenous forms of spirituality' does not mean that we need to accept everything that is indigenous.  As you stated, some forms of indigenous spirituality may not be life affirming.  However, understanding this premise, it is important not to dismiss indigenous forms of spirituality altogether...Read more"

PRAY against complacency: "A Prayer Against Complacent Christianity: Disturb Us" by Sir Francis Drake (posted by Starlette McNeill)

"Disturb us, Lord, when We are too pleased with ourselves, When our dreams have come true Because we dreamed too little,… When we arrived safely Because we sailed too close to the shore...Read more"

REFLECT on the Black to School series: "Reflections on Christena Cleveland's Black to School Series" by John Hawthorne

"At a CCCU Sociology gathering nearly 25 years ago, I heard a remarkable presentation by Ray DeVries, then of St. Olaf  and now of University of Michigan medical school. He spoke on Structural Evil, but quickly shifted from large scale issues like poverty or racism to the small-scale issues. The small-scale issues were the patterns of interaction that reinforced advantage for some and disadvantage for others. It’s easy to avoid being seen as racist. It’s hard to be open and welcoming to all we contact...Read more"

JUST READ THIS: "For the Days I Don't Feel Black Enough" by Osheta Moore

"On those days I don’t feel black enough, I remember my King gets it!  He gets rejection, confusion, identifying with the Jew and Gentile, loving aspects of it all and wanting to bring peace to both sides. He gets reconciliation and his confidence as the Beloved Son satisfied his need in the obscurity of identity...Read more"