Reconciliation Replay (September 26, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

CELEBRATE Heritage Day: "Synchroblog: I Am From" by SheLoves Magazine

SheLoves Magazine is doing a wonderful synchroblog in which women all over the world are sharing stories/poems of their heritage, identity and customs. Grab a cup of tea and read some of them -- and consider adding your own "I Am From" story!


EXAMINE issues of gender/race intersectionality in Hollywood films: "Subservient or Subversive, the Butler Works in a Man's World" by Caryn Riswold

"But I can’t help but wonder … did the fact that The Butler’s story [compared to The Help's story] is more developed, shows the basic moral agency of its lead character, and humanizes the role of the black domestic have anything to do with the fact that it’s a story (more or less) about men?...So, when will the women’s stories be as effectively told?...Read more"

JUST READ THIS: "On Accepting Pastor Rick Warren's Apology: the Yellow Man's Burden" by Sam Tsang

"Back to the false stereotype of Asian passivity.  This is the funny part. IF we all of sudden speak up, we’d be damned. I’ve been told by some (not all) of my white brothers that I’m 'opinionated' (So what? Don’t like it? Switch channel, man!), but when they throw their opinions around, they’re just 'stating facts.'  I guess our opinions are judgmental.  As in the case of Pastor Rick’s post, all these people tell us to lighten up. Why?  Would they tell black people to lighten up? NO!  How about telling the Jews similar things?  Oh no, they expect Asians to lighten up. That’s what Asians do!  We lighten up.  They’re surprised because we actually have backbone and speak up.  Our opinions threaten because we don’t fit your docile Hollywood stereotype.  So, we now sound judgmental (per Pastor Rick’s original wording)?  What if we’re more outspoken as a race?  I suppose we would be considered whiners who should 'get the hell out of here and go back to China'.  I’ve been considered that kind of opinionated Asian many times over.  You see?  Being a model minority is not all that you imagine it to be.  If you speak up on an issue that bothers you, you’d be put back in your place (i.e. your big house and your big Mercedes) and if you don’t, they’d say that Asians are more passive and have no backbone.  You can’t win.  THAT is our narrative....Read more"

ORGANIZE inclusive conferences: "#StoryChicago NOT a Sense of Place for Blacks" by Grace Biskie

"There’s a problem when an entire day passes without seeing or hearing from anyone else other than whites let alone without mention to the word “welcome,” or without acknowledgement of the racial, cultural or ethnic disparities in the room.  There’s nothing more unwelcoming as a person of color to walk into a place and feel completely ignored and unacknowledged...Read more"

ENGAGE in diverse community and be set free: "Authority Issues" by Tony Kriz

"I know that my blindness is most insidious when I surround myself with people who are just like me: spend like me, read like me, vote like me, worship like me, etc. If I surround myself with people just like me we will probably all have the same blind spots. We will tend to adopt self-serving beliefs. That is one danger of a ghettoized faith built on affinity structures. However, in the company of the other, my theological prejudices and arrogances come to light...Read more"

READ an excerpt from my soon-to-be-published book (and share it with friends) :) : "Right Christian, Wrong Christian" (Chapter 1) by Christena Cleveland

"I was taking a bus ride through the snow-capped Rockies in Colorado, complaining to myself about this guy at my church who drove me crazy. Ben and I were pretty much the only unmarried adults in our small church community, so we were often paired together during social events. As if this weren’t annoying enough, Ben happened to be quite possibly the most offensive person I knew...Read more"