Reconciliation Replay (September 5, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

GET SET FREE from Cultural Captivity: "Is the Church Culturally Relevant or Culturally Captive? Thoughts with Soong-Chan Rah" [VIDEO]

GO Black to School again: "Black to School: Reflections on my time at a Christian University" by Phillip Holmes

"I felt this implicit internal and external pressure to become “white” in certain social settings in order to be accepted. I was laughed at for not getting a joke or not catching certain cultural references. Students were not sympathetic because the assumption was “all Americans should know this.” After taking a mission trip in 2008 to Kenya, I realized that principles used by Christians on the mission field were not being applied at home. For example, the famous “it’s not right or wrong, it’s just different” was only applied over seas and never with minority neighbors in the States...Read more"

EXPLORE the connection between race and labor stats/experiences: "Labor Day" by Katelin Hansen

"And as the nation bemoans the 7% unemployment rate, unemployment in communities of color remains at 13%. Indeed, while analysis fret about about the housing market, there continue to be huge disparities in homeownership across race...Read more"

BE INTENTIONAL about listening: "On 'Mr. Jones' and Intentional Listening" by Registered Runaway

"Intentionally listening to one another’s stories requires that we meet when on the other’s terms. It means that if you have something to tell me- then tell me in the way you feel most comfortable. If that’s email. Email. If that’s phone call. Call. I cannot know you beyond your avatar, beyond your first impression, until you tell me...Read more"

MAKE SENSE of [white] privilege at Christian colleges: "On Learning What Privilege Really Means" by Melanie Springer Mock

"At the college where I teach, I take classes on diversity and serve on multicultural committees, sometimes smugly deriding the colleagues who themselves deride diversity. Because, I think, I get privilege. I get it, that is, until I am blinded by my own privileged positions, and fail to see how my privilege—a white woman of moderate means, a full professor at a Christian college, an elder in my church—might affect others...Read more"

UNDERSTAND Minjung theology: "Minjung Theology: A Korean Theology of the People" by Michael Shepherd

"How do you find the hope for freedom after centuries of oppression from four different world powers? What spark is there to transform the pain that you feel within and the emptiness of the world around you? Minjung theology is borne out of these questions and finds a response in a unique understanding of Christ and how to follow him faithfully...Read more"