Reconciliation Replay (October 10, 2013)

Pastors, SEEK to understand millenials: "9 Things You Need to Know About People Under The Age of 35" by Jeff Heidkamp "9. They want lots of feedback and positivity: For independently minded, entrepreneurial church-planting/senior-pastor types, this can seem a bit foreign. Itʼs important to note that this desire does not necessarily stem from some sort of pride or insecurity. Rather, it simply reflects the reality of a generation that was close to their parents and were raised in extremely positive, reassuring environments. At its best, this tendency reminds leaders to focus on the journey of leadership as much as the destination...Read more"

LISTEN to some great black preachers: The Great Black Preachers of Duke Chapel [audio archive]

"As part of [Duke U]niversity's celebration of the 50thanniversary of the integration of the undergraduate student body, Duke Chapel, in collaboration with Duke University Archives, has posted an archive of sermons from great black preachers delivered in the chapel over the years....Listen"

CHOOSE culturally-honoring Halloween costumes: "Happy Halloween...for all" by Austin Brown

"There is one day of the year, when many of our friends and loved ones believe they have permission to participate in cultural commodification, one day when the idea of respect gets suspended, and cultural commodification seems not only fun but funny. That one day, is coming upon us- halloween. Right now, there are families all over the country deciding what to be for halloween, and for those who would rather not offend, I want to offer a few tips...Read more"

EXAMINE your theology for Western biases: "Listening Globally" by Laura Merzig Fabrycky

"Western theologians confidently call their work “theology” proper, but non-Western theologians are constantly reminded of their “context,” and thereby subcategorized into irrelevancy...Why does the West persist in issuing warnings against syncretism in non-Western contexts, when that charge is rarely leveled against Western forms?..Read more"

CONSIDER this: "How the 'Redskins' Debate Goes Over On An Actual Reservation" by Joe Flood

"In Pine Ridge, 80–90% unemployment, rampant poverty, alcoholism, car wrecks, and diabetes combine to give the people there an average life expectancy about 10 years lower than the average person born in Haiti. Something like “Redskins,” or the occasional suspect traffic stop, gets brushed off as irrelevant. But that should possibly make people in wider American society feel worse, not better, about the nickname...Read more"

LISTEN to this story from a Korean-American adoptee: "A Song for My Mother" by Robyn Afrik

"We are told that in America there is a new life waiting for us.  It’s a life with pre-determined roles, for we are completing another family’s script.  We are given characters, a brother or sister of some type and a stage with a built in community, school, and house that is primed and waiting. All we have to do is fill it. Our contract assures an audience, also known as family and friends promising safety and welcome.  We might even get a director, an acting coach to help us assimilate into the dominant culture and new costumes and makeup so that our look and our clothes match with the setting. But most of all, a plot: we get a story to complete us. One that has a purpose and a new American name...Read more"