Reconciliation Replay (October 17, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

RAISE YOUR VOICE: "Giving Voice" by Austin Brown

"When you speak truth to power, I don't know which result you will be given. I do not know if you will be ousted or if you will be spared. You may be like Esther- praised, adored, saved. But you may be like Vashti- disposed, feared, alone. As much as I want to paint a beautiful picture of speaking out, of raising a fuss, of standing up... the truth is I don't know what will happen to your position when you do...Read more"

PARTY like Jesus: "Jesus and His Crazy Ideas: A Different Kind of Party" by Ramon Mayo

"I’ve heard of feeding the poor. I’ve heard of helping the poor get jobs and stand on their own two feet. But Jesus takes it to another level. Jesus says have a party with the poor! Get turnt up with those who’ve been turned down. Invite those who are physically impaired. Have a banquet with the folks who aren’t VIP’s...Read more"

JUST LISTEN: "How To Listen When Your Communication Styles Don't Match" by Mark Goulston

"Why do people who consider themselves good communicators often fail to actually hear each other? Often it’s due to a mismatch of styles: To someone who prefers to vent, someone who prefers to explain seems patronizing; explainers experience venters as volatile...Read more"

REPLACE Columbus Day: "In Place of Columbus Day? Remembrance and Repentance" by Marque Jensen

"Other countries, specifically South Africa, have made strides to transcend historical injustices by implementing processes for social healing through remembrance (truth-telling) and active repentance (actions to repair the damage done by the past injustices and continued disparities).  What if  Columbus Day was replaced with a day  that encouraged us to tell the truth about the past, and then to go do something to make the future better?..Read more"

BANISH tokenism: "How To Avoid Tokenism" by Carol Howard Merritt

There are always qualified women and people of color. We're the majority of the population. If you’re a conference organizer, you're not lowering the bar of quality by having different perspectives involved. You’re making things more interesting. It proves that you're not just in your own echo chamber, listening to your frat-boy buddies talk about a certain topic, but that you have a vast knowledge of the subject. You have an understanding that comes from voices outside of one particular ethnicity or gender. As my friend Ed Blum recently commented, 'If segregation is wrong at the swimming pool, it is wrong in the pools of our thought.'...Read more"

WITNESS black parenting: "Black Parenting on Prime Time Television Through the Years" by Thabiti Anyabwile

"Here are a few of my favorite moments from prime time television. They each give a brief glimpse into the kind of parenting I grew up with–full of authority, sometimes quite emotional, always loving. I like these snippets because they capture some core lessons that African-American parents of my generation passed along to us kids. Now, if this seems foreign to you and perhaps a little harsh, I want you to keep something in mind (especially before you comment). Racial prejudice and discrimination was/is the fierce background against which African-American parenting occurred. The aim of so much Black parenting was to prepare our children for a world that would be a thousand times more fierce, unforgiving, and deadly than anything a parent could say in these situations...Read more"

EXAMINE this collection of writings on white supremacy: "My Complete Series on White Supremacy and Religion" by Rod Thomas

"I have collected as many of my posts on White Supremacy as I could. I lost count after a while. Three months is a long period of time. One of the weaknesses of my series is that I don’t account for people’s “feelings” or how racism impacts folks on the inside, psychologically and emotionally. I am really bad at giving such accounts, since I focus on the exterior, and go from there. [I'm working on that!] And so, here are my posts on White Supremacy. Enjoy!...Read more"

JUST READ THIS: "The Forgotten Minority: That Moment When You Realize You're Not White" by Connie Zhou

"Being Asian-American has always been a difficult part of me. I was (and am) proud of my heritage and how far my parents have come, but I had a hard time feeling as if I belonged somewhere. Experiencing first hand segregation and racism has made me despise my race for many years. I was trapped between two worlds. Racism isn’t just black and white. In my experience, all my classes about race are taught by a black professor. I remember sitting in one of my media classes discussing race; we had spent weeks on how blacks and whites are portrayed in the media. As my professor went on and on, I sat there wondering when she was going to bring up Asians, Hispanics, or Middle Easterners. Finally, as if God had heard my plea, a thankfully inquisitive student in the front raised his hand, 'What about Asians?'...Read more"