Reconciliation Replay (October 24, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

RAISE socially-aware kids: "Integrating the World into Nitty Gritty Family Life" by Jody Fernando

I did a presentation several years ago on incorporating the world into daily family life.  The link is a power point with a lot of recommendations for how incorporated into our children’s lives when they were very young...Read more"

DIFFERENTIATE: "What's the Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation?" by Jarune Uwujaren

"One of the reasons that cultural appropriation is a hard concept to grasp for so many is that Westerners are used to pressing their own culture onto others and taking what they want in return.

We tend to think of this as cultural exchange when really, it’s no more an exchange than pressuring your neighbors to adopt your ideals while stealing their family heirlooms.

True cultural exchange is not the process of “Here’s my culture, I’ll have some of yours” that we sometimes think it is. It’s something that should be mutual...Read more"

EXAMINE slavery's long-lasting effects on Higher Ed: "Dirty Antebellum Secrets in Ivory Towers" by Jennifer Scheussler

"Mr. Wilder, a history professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has a new book, “Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities,” which argues provocatively that the nation’s early colleges, alongside church and state, were “the third pillar of a civilization based on bondage...Read more

CONSIDER whether Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In is relevant to black women: "Lean In: When Black Women in the Workplace Talk" by Natasha S. Robinson

"Sandberg possibly does not see how a person’s race impacts their view. She seems to have no awareness of how her race and economic status help her navigate society, work, and the world because her “norms” obviously colors how she sees and navigates the world. She wrote a book for professional women and she wrote from the perspective of a privileged white woman. However, just because her perspective is somewhat limited, does not mean that others who do not share her privilege cannot benefit from reading her book...Read more"

RE-IMAGINE Jesus from a Korean perspective: "Here's Korean Jesus, Busy with Korean Stuff" by Brian Ashcraft

"This is the work of Korean artist Woonbo Kim Ki-chang. According to The Korea Times, the artist began his series of "sacred" ink paintings during the Korean War after a missionary's suggestion. Like artists in Europe, he used his country for the Biblical backdrop. Think of this as more of a "what if," than presuming that Jesus was actually Korean or lived in Korea. The result is fascinating and beautiful...Read more"

CHOOSE unity and mutual encouragement between married and unmarried people: "Really, It's Okay to be Single" by Peter Chin

"Of all institutions, church should have been the place where single people could thrive and feel valued for who they were.  After all, there is a deep respect for singleness both in the Bible and throughout church history, just as much as for marriage.  So the church could have offered itself as a community and family for single people, a place of lifelong and loving commitment, so that no single person would ever have to worry about growing old alone.  We could have, and should have, stood apart from the world as a refuge for single people, the one place that they could find freedom from the pressure to get married, and be valued no matter what their marital status, as being single is hardly a sin.

But tragically, church became known for the opposite, an institution so focused on marriage that singleness became a curse in comparison...Read more"