Reconciliation Replay (October 3, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

EXAMINE what it means to be an ally: "No More 'Allies'" by Mia McKenzie

"I will no longer use the term 'ally' to describe anyone. Instead, I’ll use the phrase 'currently operating in solidarity with.' Or something. I mean, yeah, it’s clunky as hell. But it gets at something that the label of “ally” just doesn’t. And that’s this: actions count; labels don’ more"

BE a leader who listens: "Do Mindful Leaders Make Associations More Diverse?" by Mark Akithakis

"Diversity starts with leaders. Because they give diverse voices equal airtime, [inclusive leaders] are more than twice as likely as non-inclusive leaders to unleash value-driving insights. Because they make sure that each team member gets constructive and supportive feedback, they are nearly twice as likely as non-inclusive leaders to elicit breakthrough ideas...Read more"

GO beyond diversity training: "Myth of the 'Training Cure-All'" by Karen DeYoung

"The field of human performance technology acknowledges that formal training is often a small part of effectively addressing performance needs. There are often a number of other factors at play...Read more"

WRITE about embodied faith: "31 Days of Embodied Faith [Call for Guest Submissions]" by Suzannah Paul

"I want to explore how we practice faith not just with our hearts or our minds but hands and breath and feet and bodies. Let's talk about the intersections of faith with work, play, art, exercise, rest, sexuality, food, hospitality, body image, discipline, suffering, beauty, pain, death, birth, pregnancy, gender, masculinity, illness, worship, celebration, grief, service, justice, parenting, singleness, dating, friendship, marriage, community, health, time...any area one might connect his or her humanity to an experience of God...Read more"

PRAY for intergenerational unity: "An Intergenerational Call to Worship" by April Yamasaki

"Lord, we gather – as young adults trying to find our place within the church, as parents caring for our children, as mid-life people with mid-life questions, as older adults wondering why the questions haven’t stopped – we’re just learning what it means to worship...Read more"

LEARN about how blind people understand race: "Studying How The Blind Perceive Race" by Kat Chow

"Obasogie [the researcher] considers voice and accent to be 'secondary measures' that help clue a blind person in on someone's race. The professor found that while some of the people he interviewed said they relied on voice to determine a person's race, it wasn't always accurate, which could lead to some interesting situations...Read more"

LISTEN to an experienced reconciler: "Ask A Racial Reconciler [Austin Brown]" moderated by Rachel Held Evans

"After each activity, when leading the discussion, we always ask the same question first- “How did that feel?” Common answers are anger, sadness, guilt, and shame. We don’t try to change the emotion, we just ask that everyone commits to a productive and respectful conversation even as they continue to feel the emotion (because lets be honest, my team is only reproducing the exact same emotions that are felt when race conversations happen randomly. If we can teach participants to name the emotion and still have an honest, respectful, messy conversation, we have truly achieved something!)...Read more"

STAY at the table: "How To Deal With Being Called Out [as racist, sexist, etc.]" by Chescaleigh

"Don’t assume the person calling you out is just 'looking to get offended'. Nobody enjoys calling other people out. To call someone out, people often have to mentally prepare for serious repercussions. Calling someone out might mean starting an argument, during which many people will side with the oppressor by default (especially if you’re privileged over the person calling you out)...Read more"

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