Reconciliation Replay (November 14, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

KNOW the facts: "Rising Up the Ladder in America: Who's Upwardly Mobile?" by Lauren Weber

"In reality, however, only 4% of Americans travel the rags-to-riches path, according to new research from the Economic Mobility Project of the Pew Charitable Trusts. And a great many  who are born into the poorest segments of the population are stuck there for life, a finding that suggests the U.S. has much to do to improve social mobility...Read more"

DISMANTLE ableist privilege: " Christianity, Disability and Non-violence" by Rod Thomas

"Love not only looks like give and take relationships, love also looks like loving words. It means a critical awareness of the language that we use. About a month ago or so, I was called to the carpet because I used ableist language in a post about social justice. At first, I was flustered, and angry for like 3 minutes or so. Then, I sat, and thought about what I was saying, that somehow the metaphor of “blindness” means cold-heartedness and ill-compassion. That’s highly problematic...Read more"

EXPOSE the myths: "The Myths Around White 'Merit'" by Joe

"[Sociologist Nancy Ditomaso] found in the nearly 1,500 job situations that her respondents talked about in detailed interviews, she found only two situations where a white person might have conceivably lost a job because of an affirmative action effort on behalf of black Americans. Empirical demonstration of yet another white fiction...Read more"

CONFESS your denominational prejudices: "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" by Marlena Graves

"Even though I’d like to think that I am generous and mostly unprejudiced, that I’m immune from judging people based on superficialities, I know I do. After my family, and what amounts to be a small church full of people, were maliciously harmed by Christian leaders of a certain theological and denominational bent (despite an uproarious public outcry calling these leaders to account and condemning their actions), I find myself recoiling when this particular denominational group is mentioned. I have visceral reactions. I associate much that is wrong with the church with them and people like them...Read more"

PURSUE authentic reconciliation: "Reconciliation is more than a Hugathon" by Paul Louis Metzger

"Here are some questions to address: what does racial repentance entail economically for individuals who have oppressed people of diverse ethnicities? How far can one take the Zacchaeus story to talk about corporate repentance involving economic reparations? How does the Zacchaeus story apply to people who might not directly “tax” and cheat individuals like Zacchaeus did, but who benefit economically in one way or another from such economic oppression?...Read more"

LEAN IN to suffering: "12 Years A Slave and the Problem of (Black) Suffering" by Rebecca Wanzo

"Looking away has become a national pastime -- from the poor, the sick, and the civilians killed by war and drones. It is unclear to me what kinds of representations of suffering can always escape condemnation as sentimental, or manipulative, or "suffering porn." But when we disparage 12 Years a Slave for trying to capture the essence of pain in chattel slavery, we are disavowing people whose pain can never totally be represented...Read more"

EXAMINE cultural differences: "Chinese Designer Depicts Eastern vs. Western Human Behaviors in Clever Pictographs" by Yang Liu

"Relying on her experiences in Europe and China, Liu put together these clever designs that are a sort of Rorschach test for which region you identify with. We found ourselves staring and trying to figure out what they stood for, then nodding in agreement about one side or the other, but not always the side Liu expected us to identify with...Read more"

RECONSIDER your perceptions of sports and masculinity: "On Football, Incognito and What it Means to be a Man" by Ben Moberg

"I don’t understand why being a man has been reduced to how rough and ready-to-rumble you are, how your value is more in your ability to dominate another than love the other. I don’t know how we fix this culture of masculinity in the church or on the field or in the gym class, but I think it involves that high school football coach I had. I think it has to do with leaders like him rising up and declaring that you are not special for your arms and legs, you are special because you know are a decent human being. You are special because you make the world a better place. You are special because you can score a touchdown, inspire millions, and walk with a humility that seems so unfair when you’ve clearly earned the right for some show...Read more"

GIVE, GIVE, GIVE to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan

"Your gift will help provide vital relief to children and families devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

  • $24 can provide essential supplies like a blanket and mosquito net.
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  • $184 can give a family an emergency shelter.
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