Reconciliation Replay (November 21, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

LISTEN to Asian American preaching: "Leading Voices Among Asian American Preachers" by DJ Chuang

"Here’s a list of Asian American pastors that regularly preach and teach at their churches and particularly contextualize the Gospel for all peoples, those who are bicultural, interracial, and multiethnic...Read more."

EXAMINE the politics of race: "There Really Are Two Americas: Republistan and Democravia" by David Sirota and Zaid Jilani

"Public-opinion surveys show that people of color tend to be among the strongest supporters of immigration reform. Not surprisingly, those reforms are being championed by House Democrats, who represent a country in which almost 48 percent of residents are people of color and almost 26 percent of residents are foreign born. Also unsurprising is that in an America that is almost 35 percent non-white and almost 15 percent foreign born, polls show immigration reform is popular. But the country of 168 million people that House Republicans represent is only 24 percent non-white and 10 percent foreign-born. So Republicans represent a country where blocking immigration reform can be good politics...Read more"

LEAN in to the black female experience: "Do You See This Woman? Renisha McBride and the Imago Dei" by Drew Hart

"It seems that black women in our society are never given the same respect and dignity that most white women who participate in dominant society receive. The moment dominant society lays their eyes on black women, they are rarely seen as people to be protected and cared for, but most often are branded with a whole assortment of stigmatizing stereotypes. I will be honest, I wasn’t there so I do not know all the details of what happened. But what I do know is that racialized biases pervade every encounter in America. On top of that, black women always must confront not only being black, and not only being a woman, but being a black woman. Renisha McBride had to navigate this difficult space, and on November 2, 2013, it became a death-dealing space...Read more"

REACH OUT to immigrants: "Make Disciples of All Nations (And Then the Nations Came to Us)" by Ebony Adedayo

"The church in America is now poised in a similar situation to the first century church in Jerusalem. If you read the second chapter of Acts, you will see how the nations of the world were in Jerusalem for one reason or another, heard the gospel in a culturally relevant way, and then put their faith in Christ. 3,000 people from different nations and tongues were added to the church in one day. And I have to believe that it was these people, along with the apostles, who were responsible for carrying the gospel into the world. If we are careful, America could become ‘A New Jerusalem; – a place of discipling, equipping and sending forth. But it will have to start with the church welcoming the nations, as well as the people of color who have been here for centuries, instead of pushing them away...Read more"

SPEAK UP on behalf of women in the Church: "The Church's Missing Half" by Halee Gray Scott

"A failure to proportionately and adequately represent women is a failure to steward the giftedness of half the individuals in our midst. The spiritual gifts are not gendered. The genesis of leadership is grounded in the spiritual gifts, which are freely given by God without respect to gender, race, or social class. When we don't showcase enough women's gifts and voices within the body, we fail to steward the corporate giftedness entrusted to us...Read more"

EXAMINE your practice of hospitality: "A Hospitality Not on My Own Terms" by Cherith Fee Nordling

"When Jesus tells stories of hospitality, they never turn out ‘right’. The wrong people are sitting in all the right places, and the right people don’t even bother to show up. Jesus enacts hospitality, eating with those upon whom culture cries ‘shame on you’, and hears culture say to him, ‘their shame is now on you‘. In exchange, he gives them the dignity of his true humanity. Jesus also eats at tables where he is publicly shamed and refused the dignity afforded a guest, or in Chilcott’s words, a “new arrival.” It doesn’t help that his presence brings more unwelcome company who would otherwise never have been allowed through the door, let alone at his feet...Read more"

THINK about urban apologetics: "Why Apologetics is Different -- and Working -- in the Hood" -- Interview with Detroit pastor Christopher Brooks

"I hope there are Christians who can speak the language of righteousness to minorities. I think that is part of my call. On the other hand, I'm speaking the language of justice to those who haven't had to deal with justice issues. We need more bilingual Christians who can speak the languages of both justice and righteousness...Read more"