Reconciliation Replay (November 28, 2013) - Thanksgiving Day edition

highlighting the best reconciliation words around


PLUNGE into deep gratitude: "On gratitude" by Hannah Heinzekehr

"It seems to me that true gratitude involves some sort of embodied knowing that we have been profoundly touched or impacted. It’s a thankfulness for something or someone or some action that’s so deeply entwined itself into our lives that we can’t imagine being without it. It’s a profound moment of awareness that God is at work in ways that we can only begin to comprehend. Gratitude is a gateway that can lead us into wonder...Read more"

GO BEYOND what the schools taught you about Thanksgiving: "Creation Myths: Thanksgiving" by Katelin Hansen

"This year on Thanksgiving, take time to learn the stories that aren't being told in school. Become familiar with the National Day of Mourning and the Indigenous Peoples Alcatraz Sunrise Gathering, which commemorate the true history of Thanksgiving and honor the many voices that have been silenced...Read more"

EMPATHIZE with the poor: "Where is the Love?" by Nicholas Kristof

"A Princeton University psychology professor, Susan Fiske, has found that when research subjects hooked up to neuro-imaging machines look at photos of the poor and homeless, their brains often react as if they are seeing things, not people. Her analysis suggests that Americans sometimes react to poverty not with sympathy but with revulsion.

So, on Thanksgiving, maybe we need a conversation about empathy for fellow humans in distress...Read more"

STOP Idolizing the Pilgrims: "This Thanksgiving, Stop Idolizing the Pilgrims" (A review of Robert Tracy McKenzie's The First Thanksgiving: What the Real Story Tells Us About Loving God and Learning from History) by Thomas S. Kidd

"We should remember, McKenzie cautions, than not long after the first Thanksgiving—which was indeed a peaceful, if tense meal between the English and their Wampanoag neighbors—the Pilgrims launched a preemptive assault on local Massachusetts Indians that resulted in violence and bitter resentments. The English even placed the severed head of one Native American on a pike outside their fort. Recalling this is telling the truth, not revisionist history...Read more"

THINK about Thanksgiving and white privilege: "Talking Thanksgiving" by Hannah Heinzekehr

"So, this Thanksgiving, I hope that we can reframe the stories that we tell to be grateful for our own unique cultures and stories. But I also hope that we can refrain from re-telling narratives that erase the pain and suffering that we white people have been complicit in creating...Read more"

HELP YOUR KIDS reframe the Thanksgiving narrative: "Five Books that Reframe the Thanksgiving Narrative" by Aura Bogado

"Over at Indian Country Today Media Network (ICTMN), Debbie Reese, who researches the way Natives are represented in children’s books, offers a list of five books that challenge the dominant Pilgrim and Indian narrative. Although the books are written for a young audience, some adults might also benefit from reading and thinking beyond Thanksgiving...Read more"