Reconciliation Replay (December 19, 2013)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

EXAMINE the Nativity in its historical context: "Childbirth, Pregnancy, and Infancy" by Caryn Reeder

"The Christmas story is about restoration that occurs in the midst of, and in spite of, the dangers of war. The messengers who warned that the agony of war would be like the agony of childbirth, or that pregnant women and infants would be targeted by the violence of war—these are just as important as texts of restoration for our understanding and celebration of Mary’s pregnancy and Jesus’ birth...Read more"

APPRECIATE mono-ethnic churches: "Asian American Church Proponents Like Myself are not Against the Multiethnic Church!" by J. Lee

"Just like every other human being under the sun, we adjust how we are according to the people we’re around.   Just as Black folk speak differently when they are around whites (linguists call this code switching), just as white folks feel uncomfortable when they are in a room full of minorities (because they no longer know how to be and act), Asian Americans change how they are when they are in non-predominantly Asian American settings.  We’re also generally a more group oriented culture, so we’re going to go with the group...Read more"

SEE Black fathers: "Fathering While Black" by Zun Lee

"The discussion regarding mainstream visual representation of Black fatherhood cannot be had without examining how Black men continue to be represented, which is mostly in the form of reductionist hypermasculine and patriarchal iconography. The continued fascination with, and commercial exploitation of, a narrow range of permissible Black male archetypes renders impossible any notion that Black men could be portrayed as wholesome, complex human beings, much less as responsible fathers...Read more"

CRITICALLY EXAMINE your apologies: "Revenge of the Rickshaw Rally" by Daniel Fan

"By replacing Asian American activists with a white CEO in the role of protagonist, LifeWay has fundamentally altered the structure of this narrative.  In effect, the tale has gone from David v. Goliath, a story of under-dog protest, activism, suffering, and risk, to one of self-realized/actualized repentance.  Yes, LifeWay apologized, but did they apologize because they suddenly decided they were wrong? or because they truly valued and listened to the concerns that were raised by Asian Americans and other people of color?...Read more"

BE GLOBAL: "Living in Light of Global Reality" by Jody Louise

"After years of ‘vacations’ in a war-torn tropical paradise, I’m slowly understanding this word paradox. It surfaces not only in the breath-taking beauty and heart-wrenching injustices of Sri Lanka, but also in my truth-seeking mind and self-seeking will. Living in the developed world, I face a constant tension to live in light of global reality because the pressure to keep up with the neighbors usually outshouts the hungry stomachs and unseen injustices in my direct line of sight...Read more"

RE-THINK money and power in light of the Trinity: "Downward Mobility and Tricke-Up Economics: A Trinitarian Reflection on Money and Power" by Paul Louis Metzger

"Evangelicalism has struggled to address the structures of racism and poverty, and has often uncritically embraced money and power in pursuit of problematic versions of upward mobility and the American Dream...Read more"