Reconciliation Replay (February 20, 2014)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

LOVE across ideological lines: "On Love" by Hannah Heinzekehr

"It’s easy for me to love people who are like me or who agree with me and validate that who I am is good, and right and the best.

But there are others who it is not so easy for me to love. There are those who I disagree with. Who I cringe at sharing any label with. Whose theology feels threatening to me or whose actions confound me. Love does not just pour forth in interactions like these...Read more"

LOVE EVEN MORE across ideological lines: "Ideological Totalitarians -- Kiss and Make-up" by Paul Louis Metzger

"Fundamentalism comes in all shapes and sizes. Not only have I met conservative Christians and Muslims who are fundamentalists, but also I have met liberal fundamentalists. A fundamentalist spirit is present in those who will not seek to collaborate with people on the other side of an issue. The fundamentalist mentality is reflected in 'Take no prisoners—or else.'...Read more"

UPROOT white supremacy in "reconciliation" work: "Refusing to Reconcile, Part 2: Spatiality, Fugitivity & Blackness as the Wild(er)ness" by Amaryah Shaye

"Reconciliation is antiblack and thus antichrist. It is anti-black because it requires the supersession of the black in order for its unity to be found in its white Christ. By black here, I don’t mean a particular skin color or identity, a certain vocal affectation, musical aesthetic, or capacity for rhythm (though I do mean all those things, too). Instead, I mean blackness as a radical refusal of the movement of reconciliation, and thus, of whiteness. To be black and to be made black is to take seriously the work of refusal, which is an antagonism, a thorn in the side of the sovereignty of whiteness...Read more"

WATCH how Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" still inspires today: "SALT Honors the 75th Anniversary of Billie Holiday's 'Strange Fruit' [VIDEO]

"In partnership with WFYI, Christian Theological Seminary, and Brooklyn-based Mason Jar Music, SALT set out to create a short film to inspire communities of faith across the country to explore both the dreadful legacy of racism and the tireless creativity of the human spirit....WATCH"

SPEAK UP, ACT, ADVOCATE: "I Hate When I Look Like a Racist" by Nathan Roberts

"I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything to that racist old man in the pool. I froze up. I retreated to humor. It’s something I do when I’m out of ideas. If we become friends, you’ll probably see me do it a lot. Most my friends think it’s an annoying habit. In the hot tub, I didn’t want to make a scene. But maybe I should have. I’m still not really sure. If we ever meet I’d love your ideas on what you think I should do next time...Read more"