Reconciliation Replay (March 13, 2014)

highlighting the best reconciliation words around

CONSIDER supporting a new film project looking at race, gender and faith: "Daughter's of Eve" written/directed by Jessica Keath

EXAMINE mixed-race identity: "Owning my Mixed Race Identity: Why I Don't Have to Choose Sides" by Eternity Martis

"I felt most distanced from my fair-skinned mother in public settings, and I was embarrassed and angry, at the same time, that my skin color caused people to question our relationship. The powerful bond a daughter has with her mother made this questioning especially upsetting. I didn’t have a father, so being considered nothing more than a non-significant friend of my own mother was quite traumatizing...Read more"

VENTURE out: "Why A Little Denomination/Tradition Hopping Is Not A Bad Thing" by Peter W. Chin

"Millenials so often express deep disillusionment with the churches where their faith was first cultivated, but I wonder if this is not due to the fact that many of them have been brought up their within a fairly narrow Christian tradition, usually a conservative and racially homogenous evangelical church.  Their concept of “The church” is in reality only “The church that I knew growing up”, which is not the only kind of church in existence...Read more"

INTEGRATE Lent and justice: "Lenten Disciplines for Racial Justice" by Katelin Hansen

"This Lenten season, I suggest that some of our Lenten disciplines be to lean in to God's heart for racial justice. What if, instead of chocolate, we gave up some of our privilege? What would it look like to make radical sacrifice for the sake of reconciled body of Christ?... Here are some practices to help you begin your Lenten journey for justice...Read more"

ADDRESS gender AND racial diversity: "Metaphysical Dilemma (Part II)" by Austin Brown

"It is not just women conferences where I feel like a metaphysical dilemma. I often feel it at justice themed conferences, too. You may not have noticed, but these conferences have a tendency to be dominated by men. I have found that it is not at all uncommon to find justice conferences perfectly willing to proclaim the equality of potential, value, and role of every human soul before God when talking about color but use an asterisk as a provision to exempt women from that statement...Read more"